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Turning the Tide: An In-Depth Look At The Harvard Admissions Report

One thing is clear about the recent Turning the Tide report on the state of college admissions, released recently by the Harvard Graduate School of Education: a single conversation simply isn’t enough to cover all the issues raised by the report. Regular listeners will recall that, in the March 17 episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, host Ian Fisher and guest experts Elyse Krantz and Beth Heaton introduced the report’s basic findings. But in order to provide a more comprehensive analysis, this week they continued their robust conversation, digging more deeply into the effect and impact the results will have on college admissions, and what it means for students. Ian, Elyse, and Beth addressed ways that students can engage with diversity and community, as the report recommends, while still allowing students to ‘find their authentic self’ in the application. They also addressed the concern raised by the report for ‘overcoaching’ in the college admissions process, and the role that strong college advising and counseling can play in the process.

Making Good Choices

The overarching message throughout the whole discussion was an important one: any choices, from the importance of community service, to the number of AP courses, to how many times to take the ACT or SAT, should always start with the student’s best interests first. In other words, students should always be considering what’s right for them, not what to do in order to fit into a specific college. Ian, Beth, and Elyse provided solid examples and valuable advice on all of these areas, in this detailed and dynamic conversation.

Students and Taxes

With tax season in full swing, and the tax deadline just two weeks away, College Coach Finance expert Laurie Peltier joined Ian in the last segment for a timely conversation about the role of student tax returns on the college finance process and student aid. Laurie addressed important questions about whether students should file their own taxes, and the impact that will have on financial aid and scholarships. For valuable information on the role that student tax returns play in the financial aid process, this segment is definitely a must listen!

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Written by Julia Jones
Julia Jones is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts. Julia previously worked as a senior admissions officer at Brandeis University and was the director of admissions at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. Visit our website to learn more about Julia Jones.