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One of the most popular blog posts we’ve published over the years answers one of the most frequently asked questions our team of college admissions consultants receives: “When do I send SAT and ACT Scores to Colleges?” But when it comes to standardized tests, there are many more common questions that students and parents ponder. In an effort to ease some of the stress that families are feeling this application season, here are the answers to the top five frequently asked questions about submitting standardized test scores.

Top 5 Questions About Sending Test Scores

Q: Can I send my SAT/ACT scores to colleges after I submit my application?
A: Definitely! Any standardized test scores can be submitted after the application has been sent. In fact, this is ideal because your scores can then be matched with your application as soon as the application is received. Be sure to check the policies at each of the schools to which you are applying to review their requirements.

Q: If I reported one score, and then took the test again and got a better score after I submitted the application, will the admissions office acknowledge the better score?
A: Absolutely. Simply send the new scores to the admissions office, and they’ll update your scores with the new score report.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to send test scores to colleges, the student or the high school guidance department?
A: Great question! It’s up to the student to submit all standardized test scores to each of the schools to which he/she is applying.

Q: If I received a good score on the ACTs and a not-so-good score on the SATs, should I still submit both scores?
A: Unless the university requires you to submit all scores, there’s no reason to submit the not-so-good scores. If you are required to submit all standardized test scores, the stronger scores will work in your favor and the weaker scores will simply be ignored.

Q: I’m preparing to submit my application using the Common App and noticed that it’s showing “no scores to report.” If I sent my standardized test scores to the schools on my list through the testing organizations (College Board, the ACT), should it show up on the Common App?
A: No. The scores will only show up on the Common App if you self-report them. Because the schools are receiving the official score reports from the testing organizations, it’s up to you whether you want to also self-report the scores on the application. It doesn’t matter either way!

While these are some of the most commonly asked questions, I know there are many more! If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please feel free to ask me in the comments section below this post, and I will respond as soon as I can. Good luck to you all this application season!


Written by Elizabeth Heaton
Elizabeth Heaton is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Before coming to College Coach, Beth worked as a senior admissions officer at University of Pennsylvania and an alumni admissions ambassador at Cornell University. Visit our website to learn more about Elizabeth Heaton.