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There is a scholarship (or many scholarships) out there for everyone. Every student has some skill, interest, experience, or characteristic that may make them an attractive candidate for one scholarship or another. And while we often refer to scholarships as “free money,” scholarships don’t actually come for free. It takes work to thoughtfully consider your strengths and research the scholarships that might be most appropriate for you. While the effort that goes into finding and winning scholarships may be akin to a part-time job, we at College Coach want to make your job a little easier. This on-going scholarship series highlights a new scholarship each week. Check out the below, along with the other posts in the series, and you may discover a funding resource that will make covering that college bill a little (or a lot!) easier.

Kids are expensive, and those costs can compound when you have to pay for college for more than one child at the same time. Luckily for twins, triplets, quads, and parents of these students in Illinois, there is scholarship money to help with those costs. If you are, or have recently been, an active member of your local organization for multiples, all your hard work changing two, three, or four sets of diapers at a time may now pay off!

Scholarship: Multiples of Illinois Scholarship

Awarding Organization: Multiples of Illinois

Number of Scholarships Awarded: Seven (five to parents of multiples, two to children of multiple birth)

Amount: Parent of multiples scholarship: $150; Child scholarship: $250

Eligible Students: Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs awards scholarships to both parents of multiple birth children and to the children of multiple birth themselves. Criteria for each scholarship can be found on the IOMOTC website.

How to Apply: Complete application and submit by mail or email.

Deadline: September 1


Best of luck, and please see the awarding organization’s website for full scholarship details and requirements.

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Written by Beth Feinberg Keenan
Beth Feinberg Keenan is a member of College Coach’s team of college finance experts. Before joining College Coach, Beth worked as a Senior Financial Aid Officer at Northeastern University. Visit our website to learn more about Beth Feinberg Keenan.