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Identity-Based Scholarship Series: Gold Star Children and Families

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Written by College Coach Guest Authoron February 16th, 2023

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by Mollie O'Connor, director of client services at Bright Horizons College Coach Scholarships are a way to close the gap between the cost of attendance at a college and a family’s own resources. Among the many scholarships that students can apply for are those that are established to support students based upon the ways they define themselves. There is no comprehensive list of identity-based scholarships; professional associations, companies, non-profit entities, religious organizations, political groups, and colleges and universities are among the many sponsors of scholarships that may be awarded in part based upon a student’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or presence of a disability. Bright Horizons College Coach® wants to help ensure that students from all backgrounds have access to the resources they need to achieve their educational goals and has therefore launched this monthly scholarship series to help students pinpoint funding opportunities based upon their unique identities. Check out the below resources, along with the other posts in the series, and you may discover funding sources that will make covering that college bill a little (or a lot!) easier. A Gold Star child is one who has lost an immediate family member in the line of duty of military service. If your family meets this designation, there are many educational scholarships available not just to cover the cost of college, but often to help cover educational costs leading to college as well, including summer camps, tutoring, and even college admissions advising! Here at Bright Horizons College Coach, we are honored to support Gold Star scholarship recipients as they navigate their journey to college. Here is a round-up of some of the most significant educational scholarships available for Gold Star Students:
  • The Fry Scholarship, through the U.S. Department for Veterans Affairs, provides funding for tuition, housing, books, and supplies for the child or spouse of a veteran or service member who died on active duty. Scholarship amounts can vary depending upon type of educational program (public, private, trade program, foreign institution, etc.).
  • The Folded Flag Foundation provides scholarships and educational grants to cover college and/or trade school, as well as private high school tuition and fees, tutoring, after-school programs, summer camps, and other related educational expenses for Gold Star children and spouses.
  • Scholarships from Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation can cover room and board, tutoring, summer courses, study abroad courses, living expenses, books, and a one-time computer stipend.
  • In addition to offering educational scholarships for dependents and spouses of fallen or disabled U.S. service members, Folds of Honor has recently expanded their scholarship support to also include dependents and spouses of fallen or disabled first responders.
Remember, students are expected to report outside scholarships they receive to their college, and receipt of scholarships may impact other parts of a student’s financial aid award. It is best practice to reach out to the financial aid office at your college for clarification of awarding policies. Please see the awarding organization’s website for full scholarship details and program opportunities.

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