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For the first time this year, the ACT edged out the SAT as the most widely taken standardized test in the US:  1,666,017 seniors took the ACT as compared to 1,664,479 who took the SAT.  Here’s what a few of our College Coach admission experts had to say…

Elyse Krantz:  I always recommend my students take both the SAT and the ACT.  More times than not, students score significantly higher on one exam over the other.  If students don’t give both a chance, they’ll never know which test is the better fit for them.

Karen Crowley:  In the high stakes world of high school students with an eye on selective colleges I’m not surprised students are preferring the experience of the ACT, a more straightforward examination of concepts they worked so hard to master in high school.  Most students prefer the testing experience of answering questions based on material they learned in school rather than wrestling those concepts within a reasoning based test that often feels full of tricks.  I expect that the ACT’s popularity will continue to grow.


Written by Zaragoza Guerra
Zaragoza Guerra is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Zaragoza previously worked as a senior admissions officer at MIT, Caltech, and The Boston Conservatory. Visit our website to learn more about Zaragoza Guerra.