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Your Child’s Post Early Application Top 10 To-Do List

Kara Courtois

Written by Kara Courtoison November 21st, 2012

I came to College Coach with a combination of experience in college admissions and teaching in elementary and high schools in Washington D.C., California, and Florida. Upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I volunteered as a teacher for two years with an AmeriCorps-sponsored program while earning a master of arts in teaching. Having taught in urban areas with students who had great needs of all varieties, I was honored to transition to working in college admissions at Barnard College. I traveled extensively, recruiting a huge diversity of academically gifted young women from the Midwest, NYC public high schools, and internationally. College admissions at a highly selective college gave me the unique opportunity to mesh my classroom teaching experience with an ability to understand what colleges seek in their students today. Additionally, having been a competitive high school athlete in track followed by rowing on the varsity crew team at Notre Dame, I know the extra demands student athletes juggle. I enjoy helping them figure out how to balance their athletic interests with their academic goals.
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For some families, pushing the send button on their first round of applications for either Early Decision (a binding contract) or Early Action (non-binding applications) can be elating and a huge relief in a way words cannot begin to describe. The biggest challenge for most students afterwards, though, is summoning the motivation needed to finish any remaining applications so that they meet their Regular Action deadlines — it’s also a challenge for those charged with helping students, e.g. guidance counselors and parents, those wanting to bring closure to the process. With Hurricane Sandy impacting many on the East Coast in one way or another, students who literally believed their deadline date was the day on which to submit an application, rather than the one to two weeks before that we so often encourage, received a big wake-up call. Though many colleges gave application deadline extensions due to power outages, it is not something one can anticipate happening again. So, what’s left, now that a few applications have been submitted? Here is a suggested list for seniors to follow — parents, take note. The TOP 10 ITEMS SENIORS NEED TO ACCOMPLISH AFTER SUBMITTING AN EARLY APPLICATION
  1. Check the status of any submitted application. Most colleges will send applicants an email confirmation with a user name and password within 48 hours of submission.
  2. Make sure to check the SPAM box on your email account.  Be sure colleges are not being blocked from communicating with you.
  3. Update your college list with your guidance counselor.  You want to make sure transcripts are being sent to all schools to which you’ve submitted an application — update your Naviance account if your school uses that program.
  4. Finalize your college application list.  Make sure you have not suddenly gotten overly ambitious and decided to add on a few “last minute stretch schools” or that you suddenly have not applied to any safety schools on your original list.
  5. Double check college websites to see if they offer or highly recommend an interview if you haven’t done one already. Register for an interview if it is recommended or “evaluative.”
  6. Practice for any potential interviews. Ask a teacher or family friend to do a “mock interview” with you in anticipation of any alumni or campus interviews.
  7. Finalize your resumé for any potential interview.
  8. Send thank you notes or drop by to visit teachers who wrote recommendations for you.  Express your thanks for the time and effort they put towards your college applications.
  9. Set a timeline or series of deadlines to get any final supplements or college essays and applications completed. Make sure you are done with all applications by Dec. 15th.
  10. Plan fun activities with family and friends for your winter break.  Give yourself an incentive to be done with your applications before you hear back from your EA/ED schools.
Bonus Reminder: Keep consistent grades through the midyear and beyond as most colleges will be getting your midyear grade report!   Whitepaper-CTA


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