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What you want to do after college is an important decision, and chances are, it’ll impact on which college you choose to go to in the first place. In fact, future earning potential is often the reason students choose their degree in the first place, factoring important points like average salaries, forecasted earnings, and promotion opportunities into their schema before taking that all-important step into furthering their education.

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Thanks to this data visualization from, we know which 100 universities produce the wealthiest graduates around the world, as featured in the Forbes list of billionaires.

The great news is that a wide variety of schools produce billionaires: not just the top handful of them. While Ivy League colleges produce more than their fair share of monetary successes, you don’t necessarily need to study at Harvard or Yale to become a billionaire. Colleges like Nebraska, Ohio State and Bryn Mawr all make the list when it comes to producing highly successful graduates, and international institutions such as Stockholm University, Moscow State University and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro all have alumni with net worths in the billions.

This is all to show that while your college selection is, of course, important, your college choice will not determine your future success. That will be determined by who you are and what you make of that college education, wherever that education occurs.

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