If you’re a current student aspiring to be a future MBA and weighing the merits of knocking out the GMAT sooner rather than later, you’re already ahead of the game. Given that your GMAT score is valid for five years, it may be advantageous to take it during your senior year of undergrad because you’re still in study mode. (This also gives you more lead time to retake it if necessary.) You may be overwhelmed and busy in your final year at college, but reorienting yourself to weekly study sessions on top of a demanding job will be even harder. Plus, you can cancel your score without a penalty, meaning no reference to canceled scores will appear on reports sent to business schools – a change from a few years ago.  For more tips on taking the GMAT, see the guest post by Fortuna Admissions, MBA admission consultants, on the Insider blog.

Written by College Coach
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