mba programs

While many students come to the decision to pursue an MBA later in life—long after attaining their undergraduate degree and experiencing the professional world, there is a subset of future business leaders who have had their sights set on an MBA from their time that they were in high school.  If you know that business school is your end-game—or at least a non-negotiable step toward your end-game—should your goal be to get that MBA as soon as possible?  Many colleges offer joint BA/MBA programs, but is this path the right one for you?  Hear what former Babson College admissions officer Christine Kenyon has to say about accelerated business degree programs in her conversation with MBA admissions consultant, Judith Silverman Hodara of Fortuna Admissions.

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Written by Christine Kenyon
Christine Kenyon is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Christine was a senior admissions officer at Babson College and a scholarship reviewer and interviewer at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University. Visit our website to learn more about Christine Kenyon.