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How Can I Stand Out On My College Application?

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Julia Jones

Written by Julia Joneson September 21st, 2018

I have been working in education with students for more than 20 years. I spent many years working in the admissions office at Brandeis University, where I was involved in virtually all aspects of the admissions process. As a senior member of the admissions committee, I was a key decision maker on applications, and I met and recruited students around the country and from major cities including Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Nashville. I also served as director of a one-thousand member national network of alumni recruiters and interviewers. Prior to joining College Coach, I continued my work with high school students and their families as director of admissions at a private day and boarding school in Massachusetts.
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[Video] How Can I Stand Out On My College Application? Everyone knows that (most) colleges will review your grades and test scores when determining whether or not to admit you, but what if you’ve already done most everything you can do by those measures? You’ve already got good grades and test scores. What else can you do to help your college application stand out from the thousands of other applications submitted by other students with equally good grades and test scores? Former Brandeis University admissions officer Julia Jones lets us know in the latest installment of the video series, Ask the College Admissions Expert. Julia answers the question, “Other than good grades and test scores, how else can I stand out in my application?And don’t forget to subscribe to the College Coach YouTube Channel to keep up-to-date on all the latest college planning tips from our college admissions and finance experts.

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