As someone who attended the University of Virginia for graduate school, College Coach’s Karen Spencer is a little biased in favor of the school. However, she does genuinely like all of the supplemental essay prompts for two reasons. The first is that they are short. A 250-word limit forces you to be really clear about what the take-home is for the reader because you don’t have any opportunity to lose focus and meander off topic. The second is the questions reflect UVA’s values, and the essay is an opportunity for students to show how they connect with those values. From what’s your favorite word and describe one of your quirks to what would you create a flash seminar about and tell us about a community you’ve worked to strengthen, UVA’s supplemental essay prompts offer varied opportunities for students to help the admissions office get to know them. For tips on answering UVA’s essay questions, check out the latest post on College Coach Insider blog at

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