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Using Naviance: How to Get Organized

Mary Sue Youn

Written by Mary Sue Younon September 29th, 2016

I joined College Coach after working at Barnard College of Columbia University, where I served as the senior associate director of admissions. As the senior manager of the admissions staff, I coordinated all admissions recruitment travel, and directed the application review process. I chaired the admissions committee and personally reviewed many applications from both first-year and transfer admissions applicants. Prior to my tenure at Barnard, I was an admissions counselor at Whittier College and directed the merit scholarship process for the college. My admissions career began as an alumna admissions volunteer for Cornell University while completing my graduate work in psychology at Claremont Graduate University.
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Naviance is a powerful web-based tool that many high school guidance offices use as a way to organize and inform their students about the college process. The program can help you search for colleges by location, major, size, and so much more. It can show you when deadlines are for every college, and which application type the school prefers. It can also show you if you are academically in the right range for a college. If you are a senior, it may also be the way you request transcripts and recommendation letters from your school and teachers. Each high school has their own policies for using Naviance, so make sure to check in directly with your guidance counselor to learn their procedure. In general, though, the process begins by connecting your Naviance and Common Application accounts. In order to request further materials, you’ll need to connect your accounts and let your counselor know where you are applying by following these simple steps: → Go to Naviance Family Connection home screen and Click on “Colleges” tab → Click on “Colleges I’m Applying To” → Click on “+Add Colleges to This List” → Enter the Colleges, Application Types, and whether you’ve submitted your applications yet → Click on “Add Colleges” → Student will then identify their method of applying (Common App, Directly to the Institution, Coalition App, etc.) and click “Update Applications” After you’ve entered your college list, you may have to also request that your transcripts and recommendation letters be sent through Naviance or you may fill out paperwork for guidance separately. Either way, make sure you log on, look around and get to know how to use Naviance as soon as your guidance office gives you access. In our next post, we’ll discuss how to use one of the most popular features in Naviance—the scattergrams. College-App-Prep-101-CTA


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