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One of the best things about hosting a weekly radio show is that we have the opportunity to connect with a much broader and more diverse audience than we would otherwise. In last week’s show, we used that opportunity to bring listener questions to the air, providing our advice for how to manage some challenging situations. From finance questions regarding scholarship deadlines and student loans to admissions questions about foreign language requirements and first-generation student status, our experts peppered the airwaves with some really terrific content for families of high school-aged students.

In addition to Q&A, host Beth Heaton welcomed Lauren Randle to the show to discuss college research. How do you develop your college list? Where do you go to get the most accurate information about colleges? What are the best guidebooks and what ought to be taken with a grain of salt? Frankly, I find this part of the college search process to be among the most challenging aspects of applying to college and there’s a direct correlation between a student’s research effort and his or her happiness with her final list of colleges at the end of the spring.

So give the show a listen, and pop back into the archives if you want to get a feel for any of our past content. You can download us straight from the VoiceAmerica website, or from iTunes. And if you choose the latter, give us a rating while you’re at it. We appreciate it. We’ll see you next week for more from Getting In: A College Coach Conversation.

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Written by Ian Fisher
Ian Fisher is an experienced educational consultant, part of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Ian received his master’s in policy, organization, and leadership studies from the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Prior to joining College Coach, Ian worked as a senior admissions officer at Reed College. Visit our website to learn more about Ian Fisher.