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Should You Self-Report Your GPA & Class Rank on the Common App?

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Elyse Krantz

Written by Elyse Krantzon October 18th, 2021

I became interested in the college admissions process after serving as a student tour guide in the admissions office of my alma mater. After graduating, I accepted an admissions counseling position at Bennington College in Vermont where I evaluated applications and reviewed art portfolios from students across the country. Three years later, after pursuing my master's degree in New York City, I joined the admissions staff at Barnard College where I served as a senior admissions officer. At Barnard, I directed Long Island and Boston recruitment in addition to managing the College's alumnae interview program, coordinating admissions statistics, and editing various college publications. Having also served as an alumni interviewer for Dartmouth College and visited over 75 colleges, I feel especially well-equipped to help students prepare for admission interviews and campus tours.
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The Common App allows, but does not require, students to self-report their GPA and class rank. This option inevitably raises questions: What if my high school doesn’t rank? Should I report my unweighted or weighted GPA? Isn’t this info already on my transcript?! College admissions expert Elyse Krantz is here to answer your questions. Tune in to learn more! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up-to-date on all the latest college planning tips from our college admissions and finance experts.

We've compiled a list of our most popular Common Application resources to help you navigate the Common App with ease.


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