how to get into Harvard

Harvard University releases its admissions decisions for the 2017/18 school year today.  Is your child one of the chosen few receiving the coveted acceptance from Harvard or one of the other similarly selective Ivy League institutions?  If we’re being honest, the answer is probably not.  But why not?  Your child is a good student, right?  But how good is good

Most students who apply to Ivy League institutions have strong academic records, but, realistically, the vast majority of applicants are going to be denied.  So what actually draws the line between a simply strong student and one who is competitive at the most selective colleges in the United States?

Former University of Pennsylvania admissions officer and current college admissions consultant, Elizabeth Heaton, breaks down how to evaluate your child’s chances of admission to the Ivy League in her new series on the Huffington PostRead the first installment: Who Gets Into Harvard?


Written by Elizabeth Heaton
Elizabeth Heaton is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Before coming to College Coach, Beth worked as a senior admissions officer at University of Pennsylvania and an alumni admissions ambassador at Cornell University. Visit our website to learn more about Elizabeth Heaton.