Choosing a College: Roanoke College

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School Spotlight: Roanoke College
Salem, VA

“Classic” is a word often used to describe picturesque Roanoke College, both in regard to their academics and beautiful campus. As a private liberal arts college, Roanoke offers 34 majors in popular fields such as psychology, business, and biology, but students can also choose to concentrate in unique disciplines like health care administration, legal studies, and screen studies. Students interested in engineering can take advantage of a dual degree program with nearby Virginia Tech (located just 30 minutes from campus) that grants two B.S. degrees (one in math or physics, and the other in engineering) in five years. And while there are several education requirements at Roanoke, the courses that satisfy them are anything but traditional. The flexible and creative core curriculum includes class options such as “Here’s to Your Health” (for the statistical reasoning requirement) and “Chemistry & Crime” (for the scientific reasoning component). Another innovative aspect of Roanoke’s curriculum is Intensive Learning – a three-week May term that immerses students in a single topic of study. In May 2019, students can choose from dozens of options including “The Psychology of Eating” on campus or “Cooperation & Conflict: Middle East” in Israel. Lutheran-affiliated Roanoke enrolls just over 2,000 students, 55 percent of whom hail from Virginia. The remaining members of the student body come from 40 states and over 30 different countries.

Photo credit: Top, Courtesy of Roanoke College


Written by Elyse Krantz
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