Choosing a College: Baylor University

There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. And while the media tends to focus on just a handful of schools, we at College Coach encourage students to think outside the box during their college selection process and explore a wide range of colleges. As such, we are highlighting a new college each week in our School Spotlight series. Check out the college below, along with the other posts in our series, and you may just stumble upon your dream school!

School Spotlight: Baylor University
Waco, TX

As the oldest university in Texas, with perhaps one of the country’s most stunning campuses, Baylor University combines strong academics with traditional Christian values and electrifying school spirit. The Baptist university attracts over 14,000 undergraduates to its 1,000-acre campus in central Texas. While the business and engineering programs are well-regarded, students can also choose from more unusual majors, such as theatre design & technology, sports sponsorship & sales, bioinformatics, aviation sciences, and choral music. The most selective academic program for undergraduates is University Scholars, in which highly motivated students pursue an individualized course of study that includes courses in the Great Texts and culminates in a senior thesis. When spring rolls around and students need a break from their hard work and studies, Diadeloso arrives! “The day of the bear” is one of Baylor’s most anticipated traditions, as students can enjoy a full day of entertainment (including a carnival and musical performances) as well as athletic tournaments. Fun fact: Baylor has more than just a bear mascot; you can actually greet Joy and Lady in their habitat the next time you visit campus!

Image Credit: Top, Courtesy of Matthew Minard/Baylor University


Written by Elyse Krantz
Elyse Krantz is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Elyse received her BA in linguistics from Dartmouth College and her MA from Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to joining College Coach, Elyse worked as an admissions officer at Barnard College and Bennington College. Visit our website to learn more about Elyse Krantz.