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Sally Ganga guest hosted the latest episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation. The show started with the weekly School’s Out Application Workshop session, moved to a conversation about how being a recruited athlete can impact a student’s chances of admission, and finally wrapped up with tips for making a strong financial transition to college.

School’s Out! College Application Workshop

Kyra Tyler, former Brandeis admissions officer, returned to the radio show to follow up on the conversation she started on June 30th regarding the college essay writing process. For those students following the homework assignments, you should now have a draft of your essay… but what do you do now? Does a draft mean that you’re done? Kyra and Sally discussed how important it is to consider the tone of the essay and how the writing structure can influence tone. Tune in to get the full range of their tips to make sure you are ultimately submitting your very best work!

Athletic Recruitment and College Admission

Amy Alexander, former Yale admissions officer and college varsity swimmer, joined Sally to discuss how to negotiate the college athletic recruitment process. They talked about steps to take whether you are a rising sophomore, junior, or even senior who is seriously considering playing a varsity level sport in college, and how your recruitment status can truly impact your admissions prospects. Amy gave some great advice on important questions to ask yourself before you commit to any team or college.

The Financial Transition to College

Laurie Peltier, college finance expert, went over tips for making a strong financial transition to college for both students and parents. What items should families agree upon in advance in regards to spending, additional purchases, access to cash and/or credit cards, authorizations, etc.? Without making financial expectations clear, it is easy to get off track with budgets and bills. Make sure you tune in to hear Laurie’s expert advice!


Written by Lauren Randle
Lauren Randle is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Lauren worked as a senior admissions officer at Georgetown University and previously held positions in college counseling at Malvern Preparatory School and the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. Visit our website to learn more about Lauren Randle.