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Quirky Scholarships; Tips for Future Lawyers; New at Northeastern

Getting In A College Coach Conversation
Admissions Consultant Sally Ganga

Written by Sally Gangaon November 22nd, 2022

I started my career as an assistant director of admission at Reed College, my alma mater, where I ran the transfer program. From there, I went to Whittier College as an associate director, and then moved on to The University of Chicago, again as associate director, where I was in charge of the application reading process and the awarding of our top merit scholarships. The diversity of my experience was very helpful when I transferred to the high school side, where I assisted students applying to colleges at all levels of selectivity.
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Over the past few years, Northeastern has introduced a number of options for freshmen hoping to spend their college years at the university. Admissions officer Beau Benson joins the podcast to share more details about each one. There are so many interesting scholarships out there—we’re bringing a few of the quirkier ones to your attention. Finally, Michael Simons, a partner at CMBG3 Law, joins to share tips for aspiring attorneys. To listen to other episodes, visit Getting In: A College Coach Conversation on VoiceAmerica or search for us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. While you’re there, please leave us a rating or review! We appreciate your feedback.


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