Landis Fryer admissions counselorWe’re bringing back our popular series, Meet an Admissions Counselor, where we introduce students and families to a different member of the College Coach admissions team. Drop in to see what we’re reading, where we went to school, and our strategies for beginning the college essay. As you work with us to find an educational consultant who best fits your needs or the needs of your child, we will help you consider the personality and working styles that will bring out the best in you or your student. Today we introduce Landis Fryer.

Where are you from, where have you lived, and where do you live now?
I am from Chicago. I’m now living in Honolulu. I’ve also lived in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, South Korea, and China.

What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to lately?
Watching Marvel properties on Disney+ and several shows on HBO Max, especially the DC properties.

What do you do for fun or to relax?
I enjoy cooking and playing mobile games like the Sims Freeplay and Genshin Impact.

What are some of your interests—things that fascinate you or send you down internet rabbit holes, or things you love to learn more about?
1) Construction projects, e.g. world’s tallest buildings or high-speed rail networks; 2) anything about space, quantum mechanics, and relativity; 3) movie and TV reviews; 4) cooking channels

Where did you go to college?
Dartmouth College

What did you study?
I studied lots at Dartmouth, but majored in English, modified with Religion.

What was your favorite thing about college?
My friends.

What about your college experience was different from what you expected?
I didn’t expect it to go by so quickly! But that was the nature of our scheduling system at Dartmouth – the D-Plan.

What would you say to your high school self if you could coach him/her through the research and application process? What would you have done differently?
I would tell him to apply to more than four schools, especially if three of those four were Challenging selections.

Where did you work in admissions and/or counseling?
I was an admissions officer at Dartmouth College for three years and Northwestern University for two.  I also worked as a counselor for a private company for about five years, working primarily with families in China. I’m now returning to Bright Horizons College Coach, where I previously worked for four years.

What aspect of the college admissions and/or counseling process do you most enjoy working on?
I most like helping students through the essay writing process because it is an opportunity to get to know stories about the student that they want to share with the admissions office.

What’s your philosophy regarding the college search process?
Your entire educational process is about learning and discovering new things; the college search process in no different.

What in your mind makes a good college essay?
The essay must have structure and relate your best qualities to the admission officers.

How would you describe your college admissions counseling style?
After getting to know the student well and understand their work style, I help create a framework and guide the student to follow it. I am approachable and supportive, so I encourage them to ask for help when needed.

To learn more about Landis, visit his bio.

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Written by Landis Fryer
Landis Fryer is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Landis received his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth, his master's degree from Penn, and his Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago. Prior to joining College Coach, Landis worked as an admissions officer at Dartmouth and Northwestern. Visit our website to learn more about Landis Fryer.