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Meet a College Finance Expert: Laurie Peltier

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Laurie Peltier

Written by Laurie Peltieron February 21st, 2023

I graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, and completed my MBA at Anna Maria College, where I also served as financial aid director. In addition, I was an assistant director of financial aid at Becker College and have worked as a consultant with several other colleges in Massachusetts. I work with the Massachusetts Education Finance Authority (MEFA) as workshop presenter at area high schools and volunteer at several FAFSA Day events.
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Our Meet a College Finance Expert series introduces students and parents to members of the Bright Horizons College Coach finance team. Drop in to see what we do to relax, where we went to college, the best financial advice we’ve received, and how we work with families to navigate the college finance process. Whether you’re looking to appeal a financial aid offer, maximize merit scholarship opportunities, or spend your assets strategically, our college finance experts are here to help. Today we introduce Laurie Peltier. Where are you from, where have you lived, and where do you live now? I am from Leicester, MA, and have lived in MA my whole life. I still live in Leicester, two miles from where I grew up! What are you reading, watching, and/or listening to lately? I love a good sitcom; even old reruns make me laugh. I have several podcasts that I am faithful to: Smartless for a good diversion, Hidden Brain to make me think, This American Life for a good story, and Kelly Corrigan Wonders for sage advice. What do you do for fun or to relax? When the weather is right I like biking or hiking in the woods with my dog. I try to get to the gym three or four days a week for water aerobics, spin, and yoga. Do you do any volunteer work? If so, what, and are there certain causes that are close to your heart? For the past four years I have volunteered with Bruce Wells Scholars Upward Bound Program that guides at-risk youth from Worcester, MA public high schools to make sure they have an opportunity to go to college. I assist students with financial aid and scholarship applications, provide workshops on college finance, and follow up with graduates of the program to make sure they are completing their requirements for financial aid once they are in college. These students are all first-generation college-goers, many are immigrants unfamiliar with the college process, and most lack the funding to afford any college at all. It is so rewarding to watch them grow and realize their potential. Where did you go to college? I attended Bentley University for my undergraduate degree in accounting and management. I went to Anna Maria College for my MBA. Where did you work in financial aid? Any other relevant experience? My first job in education was at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, as an office manager who oversaw the position that managed financial aid, which is where I became interested in financial aid as a career. From there I went to Becker College, then to Anna Maria College, where I was the Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment. How do you encourage families to incorporate financial fit into their college search? Explaining the choices that students will have and the tradeoffs that may need to be made. I share some of my own experience of putting my three children through college. What aspect of the college finance and/or counseling process do you most enjoy working on? Many people are afraid of the college finance process and have a hard time understanding it. I enjoy explaining the steps in an easy to understand manner so that families realize it is doable. I like math, so running the numbers for how much a family might need to save, or how much a borrower can save if they pay back their loans in a certain way is enjoyable to me. To learn more about Laurie, visit her bio.

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