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MBA Fellowships & Assistantships

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Michelle Clifton

Written by Michelle Cliftonon September 24th, 2019

I began my career in higher education at Rhode Island School of Design, working with student accounts and student loans. At Babson College, I worked in a variety of roles in Student Financial Services, which allowed me to experience all aspects of the department including financial aid, student loans, and student accounts. As the associate director of financial aid, I provided financial aid counseling for undergraduate and graduate students, reviewed and awarded applications, processed appeals, and oversaw all loan processes. I have also been an active member of the Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators for almost a decade, serving on various committees. I am a volunteer for FAFSA Day Massachusetts, guiding students and parents to complete the online financial aid applications.
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Graduate school study, including business school, can come with funding opportunities that are not typically available to undergraduate students. These include the potential receipt of fellowships and assistantships. In her latest contribution to the Fortuna Admissions blog, College Coach finance expert and former Babson College financial aid officer, Michelle Clifton, explains what fellowships and assistantships are, and how to win them. Click here to access “Financing Your MBA: Fellowships & Assistantships.” Contact-Us-CTA


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