majoring in the arts

On the latest episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, Elizabeth Heaton spends the bulk of the show answering listeners’ questions, but also dives into show business (jazz hands, everyone!).

Avoiding the “Starving Artist” Scenario

Former University of Pennsylvania admissions officer, Sai Samboon, joins Beth to help guide students contemplating a major in the arts. As a Master of Fine Arts in Dance himself, Sai offers practical advice to avoid the “starving artist” scenario, so that students can simultaneously pursue their passion and earn a paycheck. Sai urges his fellow artists to make smart choices, particularly surrounding the additional skills that can be learned during college that will help supplement artistic endeavors. But what about forgoing college altogether to jumpstart a career on Broadway? Sai offers sage advice that all budding artists should tune in for.

Listener Questions

For the rest of the show, Beth and college finance expert, Kathy Ruby, tackle a slew of listener-submitted questions. Have you also been wondering about any of the following?

  • When will seniors find out how much financial aid they will be receiving?
  • When should juniors start thinking about SAT or ACT prep? And how should they prep for them?
  • After students have been accepted to colleges, when should they apply for loans?
  • Should high school students get a job outside of school or focus more on their schoolwork?
  • Why are we asked about our stock options on financial aid forms?
  • What should a student do after a deferral from the early round?
  • Can I wait to see if my child is admitted to a college before sending in the CSS Profile form?
  • How do I let colleges know about my National Merit Finalist standing after submitting my application?

If so, this Q&A segment is a great place to shed some light for you!

On the next episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, we will cover D3 athletics and admissions, how to compare financial aid and merit award letters, and summer planning (yes, in January!).


Written by Lauren Randle
Lauren Randle is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Lauren worked as a senior admissions officer at Georgetown University and previously held positions in college counseling at Malvern Preparatory School and the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. Visit our website to learn more about Lauren Randle.