internships for high school students

On the latest episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, host Ian Fisher talks about internships for high school students and tackles a number of our listeners’ questions.

Internships: What Are They and Do They Matter in the Admission Process?

Sai Somboon joins Ian to discuss the variety of internships that now exist for high school students. They encourage students to not just say, “I want an internship,” but to narrow down their interests before starting their search. They point out that it’s not always the most prestigious or well-known corporations that provide the best hands-on learning experience for students; it may be startups, local boutique companies, or small charitable organizations that give students the richest opportunities for professional growth. They also discuss how to use your own community, friends, and family to find internships, and how best to present yourself via resumes and letters of interest.

Listener Questions

After the break, Ian is joined by Tara Piantanida-Kelly to take on listeners’ college finance and admissions questions.

  • Finance
    • If a non-custodial parent is unwilling to complete the CSS Profile, can we simply tell the colleges this and leave that parent off the CSS?
    • My daughter wants to go to a college that, even with financial aid, is out of our price range. She’s asked me to cosign a private educational loan. What are my risks?
    • My 21-year-old daughter works part time. Can she file a FAFSA without my financial info if I don’t claim her on my taxes?
    • I just completed the FAFSA, but I’m worried because my 2016 income was much higher than my 2017 income. What should I do?
    • My daughter has been offered admission and scholarships from several colleges. Can we contact these schools and see if any additional funding is available?
  • Admissions
    • My school counselor likes my application essay, my parents think it lacks emotion, and my English teacher wants me to add a ton of new info. What do I do?!
    • Are alumni interviews important, and how do they factor into the admission process?
    • I received a deferral from a university. What do I do next?
    • My friend says all the best college essays are sob stories. Is this true?

Want one of your questions answered on air? You can submit them here.  And tune in to our next episode to learn more about athletics in the college admissions process, understanding Early Action decisions, and navigating financial aid appeals.


Written by Emily Toffelmire
Emily Toffelmire is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Emily worked as an admissions officer at University of Southern California as well as a college counselor at high schools in the US and Thailand. Visit our website to learn more about Emily Toffelmire.