Today we’re going to tackle a selection of questions frequently asked by international students, the answer to all of which could be: “It depends.” In fact, the answer to, “Who do colleges consider an international applicant?” is often, “It depends.”  That’s how diverse the range of responses from different colleges can be.

Now, on to your questions:

Am I expected to take non-Native (but non-English) language courses to be competitive? I’m a native Spanish speaker and live in Colombia, attending the American school where I take most of my classes in Spanish. Should I also be taking French or Chinese or something?

The most selective colleges will expect you to take a language other than your native language, and in many cases, this will be your third language in addition to your native language and English. This is not true of all, or even most American colleges, but for the most selective colleges, the expectation is that you will take an additional language, if possible.

Does it look “bad” if one of my SAT Subjects is in my native language?

Colleges are less frequently requiring SAT Subject Tests from students. If yours does, they will generally indicate which ones they require, and most often, they will not require Subject Tests in a language.  Generally, the colleges that require Subject Tests, require them in STEM subjects.

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