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The Common App is here! As of August 1, this year’s Common Application is available to all applicants. If you have not yet created your Common App account, follow steps 1-7 below. If you created a Common App account prior to August 1, steps 8-10 are for you! Either way, take a few moments to bookmark this site. You’re going to be using it a lot over the next few months.


  1. Visit
  1. On the “let’s get started!” page, indicate you are a “first year student.”

Common App Get Started Page

  1. On the “create your account” page, enter an email address that you check regularly, as this is the account colleges will use to contact you about the status of your application.

Common App Create Your Account

  1. Remember to use proper capitalization and spelling when entering your first and last name. Additionally, you can list your cell phone or your home phone number here; just be sure the voicemail greeting is appropriate for a college admissions official.
  1. If you don’t see your home address listed using the new “type-ahead” feature, double-check your spelling and remember that some street names might be spelled as one or two words (Bridlepath vs. Bridle Path). If you select the “I don’t see my address in this list option,” remember to use proper spelling and punctuation when entering your information.

Common App Choose Address

  1. Check “no” if you do not live in a European Union country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, or the UK. Check the box to indicate you will be starting college in “2019 or 2020.”

Common App Country Selection Page

  1. Finally, when it asks if you want to share your information with colleges before you apply, we recommend you uncheck the first box. You can check the boxes for the second and third question. Click the “create account” button and you’re done!

Common App Privacy Policy


  1. On the “welcome back!” page, check the boxes to indicate:
  • You will start college “2019 or 2020”
  • “Yes” if your high school name is correct
  • “No” if you do not live in a European Union country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, or the UK.

Common App Welcome Back Page
Common App Rollover Account

  1. We recommend you leave the first box blank (colleges may NOT contact you before you submit your application), but check the remaining two boxes.

Common App Terms of Use

  1. After you click the blue “continue” button, you’ll immediately receive an email confirmation from the Common App affirming that your account has successfully been rolled over.

Congratulations! The fun of applying to college has officially begun. If you’re curious about the new look and feel of this year’s Common App, head on over to our blog, What to Know About the 2019-2020 Common App, where we lay out all of the major changes the Common App implemented this summer. Plus, last year’s tips about filling out the Common App (found here on How to Complete the 2018-2019 Common Application) will still come in handy this year.





Written by Elyse Krantz
Elyse Krantz is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts. Elyse received her BA in linguistics from Dartmouth College and her MA from Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to joining College Coach, Elyse worked as an admissions officer at Barnard College and Bennington College. Visit our website to learn more about Elyse Krantz.