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Higher education is always associated with costs. While tuition is something that is taken for granted for many of us, the extent to which it becomes a concern fluctuates from year to year. A study on student trends by found that tuition is one of the growing major concerns for prospective students wanting to study abroad. This trend is visible across the different continents.

Prospective students’ increase in concern over tuition is shown on the map. Although Northern Europeans are traditionally less concerned with tuition, due to generally higher household incomes and many possibilities to study for free, an increase of 46% in concern between prospective students and those already studying abroad is more than drastic. In turn, North Americans experienced an increase in concern over tuition of 33% compared to students who have studied abroad in the past, while the students from South America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe indicate an increase of over 20%. The growing concern might be fueled by uncertainties and turbulent changes on the economic landscape taking place around the world.

Prospective students’ growing concern over tuition fees

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As the concern over tuition fees grows among students throughout the world, so too does the demand for financial aid. Luckily, there are many options to cover fees, either in part or full. Scholarships, loans, and need-based aid are among the most common means of funding studies available to students. However, attaining the most optimal financing can be a challenging endeavor, so consultation with a college finance expert can be helpful.


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