Getting In: A College Coach Conversation

Welcome to 2019! If one of your goals this year is to stay more up to date on the ever-changing world of college admissions, today is the perfect opportunity to catch up on our podcast, Getting In: A College Coach Conversation. Each week, we welcome guest experts, answer listener questions, spotlight colleges, and discuss all things admission and financial aid. Kick off the new year by listening to our most popular episodes of 2018.

  1. How Important Is Your Major to Your Career?; Listener Questions: Guest Michael Sherman of Graduate to Employment shares his expertise on what truly makes someone a good candidate for a position.
  1. Coalition Application; Study Abroad; Completing the FAFSA: We offer insight into everyone’s favorite financial aid form, offer some tips for tackling the Coalition Application, and ponder what it really means to study abroad.
  1. Summer Series: STEM; Helping Students Manage Money; Office Hours: Our inaugural summer series episode covers STEM programs, resources for young money savers, and tips for seniors kicking off their college app process.
  1. Summer Series: Internships; Your Finance and Admissions Questions: We answer the eternal questions: What is an internship and how do I get one?
  1. Summer Series: Arts; Tax Breaks; Senior Year Transitions: Ever think that being the parent of a student in college should come with a tax break? You’re in luck—it does! Learn more about that, as well as arts summer programs, in this episode.
  1. Creating a College List; Waitlists from the College Perspective: We’re all about lists! First, a discussion on how to get started on the college list and incorporate the paying angle into the search process. Then, on to a less fun list: the waitlist.
  1. Summer Series: Volunteer; Early Trends; Scholarship Negotiation: Enjoy a grab bag of evergreen topics like the value of volunteerism, negotiating scholarships, and the statistics of early admissions.
  1. Small Fish in Big Pond or Big Fish in Small Pond?; Listener Q and A: Dive into a variety of listener questions and muse with us on the nature of college fit.


Written by Emily Toffelmire
Emily Toffelmire is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Emily worked as an admissions officer at University of Southern California as well as a college counselor at high schools in the US and Thailand. Visit our website to learn more about Emily Toffelmire.