Divorce is complicated. Applying for financial aid is complicated. And when you combine the two, things get really complicated.

Determining which parent completes the FAFSA, however, is actually pretty straightforward, according to former Emerson College and Elms College financial aid officer, Stacey MacPhetres. Stacey breaks down exactly how to determine the custodial parent for FAFSA purposes in the latest installment of the College Coach video series, Ask the College Finance Expert. In her video, Stacey provides key “Financial Aid Tips for Students with Divorced Parents.”

For more information on financial aid and divorce, especially if your child is applying to one of the 200+ colleges that require the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA, check out our two-part blog series: How Divorce Affects Financial Aid, Part 1 and How Divorce Affects Financial Aid, Part 2.

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