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Exploring State Systems: SUNY – Plus Listener Q&A

Kristine Sawicki

Written by Kristine Sawickion March 23rd, 2017

I grew up in California and attended a big suburban public high school. For college, I chose Reed in Portland, Oregon, where I studied psychology with a focus in behavioral neuroscience. After a year working as a research assistant at Oregon Health & Sciences University, I switched my professional objective and taught at both the middle and high school levels and coached women’s cross-country. Eventually I made my way to admission work and spent the next eleven years at Reed, culminating in a year as Acting Dean. I later moved to California and spent a few years in the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission, where I continued to work directly with students both domestic and international.
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On the latest episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, host Beth Heaton welcomed guests to talk about both the SUNY (State University New York) system and to answer our listener’s questions. SUNY System First, Beth welcomed College Coach educator Lisa Albro to explore the public universities in the state of New York. The SUNY system represents a wide-variety of universities, which Lisa broke down for our listeners and highlighted particular strengths of a few of the more widely-known campuses. Beth and Lisa explored SUNY tuition policies, highlighting the different costs for in-state and out-of-state students. And both Beth and Lisa declared the SUNY website a great resource for students interested in these campuses. Listener Questions Next, Beth welcomed College Coach finance educator Kathy Ruby to answer the questions on our listener’s minds. Admission Questions
  • Is one low subject score the reason my student was deferred from Penn?
  • Is there an advantage to taking both the SAT and ACT?
  • What is the one key thing selective colleges are looking at?
  • How important is it to take four years of a world language in high school?
  • Can we deposit at more than one college, and is the deposit refundable?
Financial Aid Questions
  • What changes do we expect to see in terms of financial aid with the new administration?
  • What are current interest rates on federal student loans, and are they fixed?
  • When should we be applying for student and parent loans?
On the next episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, Sally Ganga hosts to talk about the Texas state system, education tax breaks, and strategies for making the final decision by May 1. Getting-In-CTA


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