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Empowering Futures: Celebrating the Success of Bright Horizons Scholars

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Alex Gonzalez

Written by Alex Gonzalezon August 22nd, 2023

I have a passion for helping students and families and have done so through programs in college preparation access, and success. At the NELA Center for Student Success, I worked with Portland metro area schools as an external partner to meet the needs of counselors by hosting College Planning Nights and FAFSA completion workshops. As the training and development specialist at OSAC, I designed an online toolkit to support the state’s college mentoring program in over 45 sites in Oregon. I also bring experience from the university side, where I have held positions in athletics, financial aid, and admissions. At the University of Portland, I was the admissions counselor for diversity and inclusion in addition to my duties as an area counselor for Portland Metro, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Montana. I also developed and implemented a multicultural and community outreach plan for the admissions office. Most recently, I was the scholarship advisor at Educational Credit Management, managing eight program sites and supporting a cohort of more than 400 students. I continue to be a trusted expert in the financial aid community, providing national and regional training's.
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by Alex Gonzalez, former financial aid officer at University of Portland In alignment with our greater Bright Horizons® diversity, equity, and inclusion goal to increase support in historically underserved communities, we have spent the last several years collaborating with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Essex, Hudson, & Union Counties, New Jersey. The mission of this program is to make higher education accessible and attainable for students from diverse backgrounds. We are thrilled to announce the incredible achievements of our scholars as we continue to empower and support talented students in their pursuit of educational excellence. Through the combined efforts of our dedicated team and the commitment of our remarkable scholars, we have witnessed outstanding accomplishments that deserve to be celebrated. We recently co-hosted our first hybrid, end-of-the-year celebration with BBBS. Joined by family, mentors, and friends, we celebrated our ten outstanding Bright Horizons Scholars who have shown dedication and perseverance throughout their educational journeys. These individuals have overcome various challenges and demonstrated a remarkable commitment to their academic pursuits. Highlights from the class of 2023:
  • Scholars were awarded $146,691 in scholarships and grants
  • 50% of BH Scholars' financial award letters do not include loans; we aim to alleviate the burden of student debt and enable our scholars to focus on their studies and future goals.
  • Scholars will be attending: Norfolk State University, St. Peter’s University, William Paterson University, Arizona State University, Montclair State University, Rutgers University - Newark, Hudson County Community College, Essex County Community College, and Union County Community College.
  • Scholars will pursue majors in the arts, business, culinary studies, history, nursing, and STEM fields
  • Bright Horizons college and finance experts provided scholars with over 8,087 counseling hours. These meetings have offered invaluable opportunities for our scholars to receive guidance, support, and mentorship, helping them navigate the challenges of college access and fostering personal growth.
The success of our Bright Horizons Scholars program is a testament to the power of education, resilience, and community support. We are immensely proud of this year’s scholars and their achievements, as well as the unwavering dedication of our team. Together, we are shaping a future where educational opportunities are accessible to all, irrespective of background or financial circumstances. As we look forward to the class of 2024, we remain committed to empowering even more bright minds and making a lasting impact on the lives of future scholars. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our remarkable scholars as they embark on their transformative educational journeys, and stay tuned for more updates on their inspiring progress. Together, we can continue to make dreams a reality and build a brighter future for all. Are you part of a community organization or interested in sponsoring an event or program? Learn more about our community partnerships.

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