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Creating Your College Application Plan

Steve Brennan

Written by Steve Fernandez-Brennanon July 27th, 2012

Before coming to College Coach I worked in admissions at a breadth of institutions. My most recent experience was as associate dean of admission at Occidental College in Los Angeles, where I was responsible for international admissions and read applications from around the world but specifically Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria. While at Oxy I also made the final decision on applications from students applying from all over California; Chicago and the Midwest; and Hawai'i and the Pacific, and I served on the athletics admission review committee and was liaison with baseball as well. I started my career at Marquette University where I reviewed applications for each of the seven undergraduate colleges including engineering, business, and nursing, as well as for the direct entry physical therapy and BS/DDS programs. At Loyola University-Chicago, where I was assistant director of admission, nearly half of the applications I reviewed were applying for pre-medicine. While in Honolulu completing my master’s degree at the University of Hawai'i I served on the graduate admission committee for the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, and after graduation I served as the founding director of advising at College Connections Hawai`i, a Honolulu non-profit focused on Native Hawaiian and first generation to college youth, where I worked as an independent counselor helping students and their families with all parts of the college application process. I have presented at the national admission conference as well as state and regional conferences on topics related to keeping the admission process student-centered, helping students write their best essays, and retaining first generation students and students of color.
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Can you believe it’s nearly August?  Because the Common Application goes “live” on August 1, some would argue the last week of July is the last week of summer.  While technically it’s still summer, time is passing!  So what’s your college application plan?  Your child’s future is nearly here.  Are you ready?  Do you have your timeline set for the next few months?  Know what’s coming?  You can learn how to have a stress free rest-of-summer with our "Ten pre-application steps."  Download it now before the summer passes you by! 985489f9-a237-4396-9f45-516527096748  


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