In the latest episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, Beth Heaton was back in the hosting chair for our School’s In! Application Workshop, and also devoted time to answering your questions on both college finance and admission.

School’s In! Application Workshop:

Thanksgiving is already here, which means New Year’s Day is fast approaching. With that, comes Regular Decision application deadlines. Kyra Tyler joined Beth to discuss what planning you can be doing now so that you’re not writing as the ball drops instead of ringing in the New Year. They shared the milestones you may want to schedule out over the next six weeks and provided essay tips to get you through the home stretch.

After the break, Beth was joined by Laurie Peltier to dive into listeners questions on both college admission and finance-related topics:

Admission Questions:

  • If you receive a deferral in an Early Action process, what chance do you have to be admitted during Regular Decision?
  • Does attending a pre-college program impact the admission process for that school?
  • Is there any advantage to submitting a Regular Decision application before the deadline?
  • What can a student do between Early and Regular Decision to improve their college application? (For a more complete answer to this one, listen to our November 3rd show!)
  • Would the University of California system or the California State University system consider a student with a GPA lower than their posted minimum eligibility requirement if that student attended a rigorous high school?
  • Beyond grades and test scores, how can a student stand out in an applicant pool?
  • What is entailed in applying to a combined medical program?

Finance Questions:

  • What additional scholarships might be available for an athlete when the school doesn’t offer athletic scholarships?
  • Should we submit our FAFSA form before the deadline?
  • Where can I find a list of scholarships to apply for in Georgia and beyond?
  • How can my daughter begin establishing credit so that she can receive a Sallie Mae loan on her own?
  • What financial information besides taxes do schools review for financial aid eligibility?

We’ll be taking a break this week to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. Take the opportunity to check out our archives or give a listen to one of our most popular shows where we discussed how to evaluate your chances of getting into an Ivy or a similarly selective college.


Written by Tova Tolman
Tova Tolman is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Tova worked in admissions at Fordham University, Montclair State University, and Barnard College. Visit our website to learn more about Tova Tolman.