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Just because I appreciate a good turn of phrase does not mean I’m poised to write the next great American novel.   Nor do my frequent visits to WebMD make me qualified to dispense health advice.  As I opened my Outlook calendar this morning, I realized it is late March.  Tax time.  I better call my accountant, not my best friend who majored in economics in college.

It’s unlikely you would consider using an attorney who did not pass the bar or a contractor without a license.  So as you think about how to identify the most qualified person to help your family navigate the college admission process, allow me to give you one piece of advice:

Hire a college admissions expert. 

An expert is not someone who worked in marketing and now believes they know how to ‘package’ your student.  Nor is it someone who volunteers for the alumni office of his or her college and gives admissions interviews once a year.

I’m talking about real, bona fide, been-in-the-trenches, expert, someone who played an integral role in making admissions decisions.



Written by College Coach
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