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Our entire latest episode of Getting in: A College Coach Conversation was dedicated to answering our listeners’ questions. Host Elizabeth Heaton partnered with College Coach finance expert, Beth Feinberg Keenan, and together they addressed the college admission and college finance questions asked by our audience.

Admission Questions

Elizabeth tackled several excellent questions pertaining to the college application process including:

  • Is there an advantage to submitting an application in advance of the application deadline?
  • Are there taboo essay topics?
  • Is a transcript “C” detrimental to an admission application?
  • What can a student do in high school to be competitive for Ivy League admission?
  • What is the role of geographic diversity in highly selective admission?
  • Is Naviance an accurate indicator of acceptance to colleges?
  • Some colleges ask what other colleges you are applying to—how is that information used?
  • Is it advisable in the college application to disclose a learning difference?

Finance Questions

Questions pertaining to financing the college education were thought-provoking:

  • Should a financially comfortable family still apply for need-based financial aid?
  • Does applying Early Decision or Early Action impact the probability of receiving a merit-based scholarship?
  • What is the scoop on need-blind schools that meet 100% of financial need?

On our next episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation, host Ian Fisher will host a School’s In! Application Workshop and will discuss the value of working a job in high school.


Written by Kristine Sawicki
Kristine Sawicki is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts. Prior to joining College Coach, Kristine was an admissions officer at Stanford University and Reed College. Visit our website to learn more about Kristine Sawicki.