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Getting In A College Coach Conversation
Ian Fisher College Coach

Written by Ian Brook Fisheron September 13th, 2023

I began my career in admissions by walking backwards as a student intern, giving guided tours, interviewing students, and reading applications for my alma mater, Reed College. After graduating, I began full-time work in admissions, reading thousands of applications primarily from the Western United States, especially Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. (I got to eat the best food on my travel!) In my last three years at Reed, I directed admissions for the entire continent of Asia and served as the director of marketing and communications for the admission office, honing our official voice for web, print, and social media. This helped me to develop a sharp eye for what works (and what doesn’t) in college essays. While Reed is not known (at all!) for sports, I was able to find my competitive outlet with the ultimate Frisbee team as a player and, when I graduated, a coach. After nine wonderful years at Reed, I left Portland to pursue a M.A. at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. When I graduated and joined College Coach, I was living in Palo Alto, California, an experience that helped me learn so much about the UC and CSU system and high school programs all around the Bay Area. In the end, I missed the rain too much, and moved back to Portland in the summer of 2016.
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​In the college admission process, most students know about the importance of essays and the application, but what they might forget are all the supporting documents that make up an application. For example, the vast majority colleges can’t make a decision without your transcript! Host Ian Fisher is joined by college admissions consultant Abigail Anderson to discuss what these documents are, why they are important, and most crucially, who is responsible for making sure they are submitted. Ian is also joined by admissions consultant Zaragoza Guerra to discuss how to finalize your college list, and college finance expert Aimee Yorsaner is here to discuss the two kinds of tuition discounting: merit and need-based. To listen to other episodes, visit Getting In: A College Coach Conversation on VoiceAmerica or search for us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. While you’re there, please leave us a rating or review! We appreciate your feedback.


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