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Addressing a Disability in Your College Application

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Zaragoza Guerra

Written by Zaragoza Guerraon September 13th, 2021

Prior to joining College Coach, I spent part of my career as director of admissions for the Boston Conservatory, where I oversaw overall recruitment and auditions for students interested in music, theater, and dance. I spent most of my admissions career, however, as an admissions officer for two institutes of technology. As an associate director of admissions at MIT, I directed overall recruitment and yield activities as well as international, transfer, and special student admissions. I also served as an assistant director of admissions for Caltech, where I handled specialized student recruitment and reviewed domestic and international student files.
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A common question we are asked as college admissions consultants is, “How do you address a disability in your college application?”  Or, to step back a bit, “Should you address a disability at all?”  Former MIT and Caltech admissions officer, Zaragoza Guerra, tackles this complicated question in the latest installment of our video series, Ask the College Admissions Expert.  Zaragoza covers the circumstances in which discussion of a disability may be critical to your college application, and those in which you may choose to not to disclose a disability until later on in the process.  Tune in to learn more! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up-to-date on all the latest college planning tips from our college admissions and finance experts. FAQs about Bright Horizons College Coach


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