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[Video] College Visit Tips

Kyra Tyler

Written by Kyra Tyleron December 27th, 2016

I have worked in a variety of roles in higher education over the course of my career. I began my career in admissions at Brandeis University, where I spearheaded the school’s student of color recruitment effort. In addition to reviewing applications for incoming freshmen, I also managed the transfer application review process where I was responsible for reading the applications and making the final admissions decision. I also chaired a committee dedicated to offering scholarships and performance opportunities to talented chamber musicians and served as the admissions representative for the selection of the university’s Posse Foundation scholars. Prior to joining College Coach, I was awarded a Presidential Fellowship from Harvard University where I worked in development at the Harvard College Fund. I also worked at the Harvard Alumni Association while pursuing a master of education at the Graduate School of Education.
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Whether your child is a high school junior wanting a check out a few local campuses or a high school senior trying to decide between schools they’ve already been accepted to, a college visit can be a critical step in your family’s college selection process.  Before you set foot on campus, however, be sure to check out Kyra Tyler’s college visit advice in this installment of College Coach’s Insider Tips.  A well-planned college visit can be the best way to try a college on for size and make sure it is a great fit for your child. And don’t forget to subscribe to the College Coach YouTube Channel to keep up-to-date on all the latest college planning tips from our college admissions and finance experts. College-Visit-CTA


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