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On last week’s episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation¸ host Sally Ganga and her guests spent time unpacking what a liberal arts education really means, reflecting upon college visits, and discussing what next financial steps you should take after depositing at your college of choice.

What Exactly Are The Liberal Arts?

In the first segment, former Barnard College admissions officer Tova Tolman joined Sally to help clarify what is often a confusing term for prospective students: liberal arts. Many families are mystified as to what a liberal arts education entails and how it might affect the student’s curriculum and even job prospects. We often hear the questions: “Do you have to be liberal to study at a liberal arts college?” “Can you major in the sciences and have a liberal arts education?” “If my child goes to a liberal arts college, will she get a job?” Tova and Sally explain how the liberal arts prepare students to look at a problem or issue through certain lenses in order to analyze it deeply. This broad approach is intended to help prepare students for any number of careers over their lifetime. Tune in for the full discussion.

What Should You Do After Your College Visits?

As many students are returning from spring visits to college campuses, Kyra Tyler, former admissions officer at Brandeis College, joined Sally to focus on post-college-visit discussions. Often students return home in a bit of a daze from the information-overload they received on a tour, and don’t know how to process the experience. What are good and bad reactions from visits that translate to whether a college should stay or be removed from your list? Do things like food, location, school culture, a beautiful campus, civic engagement, and athletics really matter when deciding between colleges? Is the goal to be always comfortable, or is sometimes being just a bit uncomfortable a good thing? What follow-up questions should you ask after the tour and information session? And how do you find out the answers to those questions? Let Kyra and Sally guide you through these thoughts in their Office Hours segment.

What Happens After You Submit Your College Deposit?

To wrap up the show, college finance expert Tara Piantanida-Kelly came to discuss what needs to happen after the student has sent in the deposit check. You might be surprised to find out that this is not the final step! Students need to either accept or decline financial aid awards either fully or partially. Sure you want to accept the “free” money that comes in scholarship form, but do you want to accept the student work study offer? What about the loans? You need to make sure the college knows exactly the amount and type of financial aid award the student wants for the upcoming year—and let them know quickly because the award could possibly change!

On this week’s episode, host Beth Heaton will be back to answer listener questions, as well as discuss Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine programs for student looking to go the pre-med route.


Written by Lauren Randle
Lauren Randle is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Prior to joining College Coach, Lauren worked as a senior admissions officer at Georgetown University and previously held positions in college counseling at Malvern Preparatory School and the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. Visit our website to learn more about Lauren Randle.