This flash briefing kicks off our Meet an Admissions Counselor series, where we introduce students and families to a different member of the College Coach admissions team. Today, we introduce Lisa Albro, who works with students both remotely and in our Short Hills, New Jersey office. Lisa has spent 19 years in admissions and counseling, working at Goucher College and as the director of college counseling at three high schools. Lisa’s best tip for writing a stand-out college essay: Write an essay that sounds like you, not who you think you ought to sound like for the benefit of the readers. She always tells her students, “Be your authentic self.” And please avoid using the “SAT words” that so many students think they need to throw in for good measure. No one regularly uses words like “plethora” or “myriad,” but they always seem to pop up in college essays. For more information on Lisa and College Coach’s other admissions experts, check out our website at

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