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Concerned that your child is heading off to college in the fall with no idea what he wants to study? Worried that your daughter has her sights set on a career that isn’t a good fit for her abilities? Are you struggling to select a primary focus from your three main areas of interest and anxious about wasting your parents’ and your own money on tuition as a result? You’re not alone! College Coach’s senior director of educational consulting Elizabeth Heaton spoke to US News and World Report about this widespread issue, offering some tips for working through this particular challenge.

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New Call\u002Dto\u002DAction

Written by Elizabeth Heaton
Elizabeth Heaton is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts. Before coming to College Coach, Beth worked as a senior admissions officer at University of Pennsylvania and an alumni admissions ambassador at Cornell University. Visit our website to learn more about Elizabeth Heaton.