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Campus Safety, Waitlists and Appealing Denials, and Finding Scholarships in Spring of Senior Year

Tova Tolman

Written by Tova Tolmanon April 12th, 2017

I began my career as both a tour guide and senior interviewer at my alma mater, Barnard, where I later joined the admissions team and read and reviewed applications from students applying from the northeastern, midwestern, and western regions of the United States, as well as Canada. A few years later, while pursuing my master’s degree, I briefly left admissions to be the director of student life at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Realizing I missed working closely with students on the high school side of college counseling, I joined the admissions team at Fordham University where I recruited and reviewed applicants applying to Fordham’s liberal arts and business colleges. My most recent experience at Montclair State helped me understand what the application process looks like outside of highly selective colleges and how to help students who may not be fully prepared for college-level work. One of my favorite past experiences was managing the athletic recruitment process at Fordham as well as a number of sports at Barnard. Understanding the inner workings of both the Ivy and Patriot athletic leagues meant I was able to guide students to find the best athletic matches as part of their college search.
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On the March 30th episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation was all about the research necessary to help get you pick the right school for you. Whether you’re a junior narrowing down your list of where to apply, or a senior deciding between multiple offers of admission, Beth Heaton once again has the answers! Evaluating Campus Safety Beth opened the show with special guest Dr. Jordan Draper, the Title IX coordinator at The College of New Jersey to discover how to look under the hood of safety on college campuses. Dr. Draper has made a career in higher education helping students feel safe on their campus, and she shed some insight on what to consider beyond the presence of a campus blue light system. Beth asked Dr. Draper to help make sense of the crime statistics for every college, and listeners will learn about the Clery Act, Annual Security Reports, Climate Surveys, how to find them, understand them, and what other statistics might be helpful. Finding Scholarships in Spring of Senior Year After the break Beth and Stacey MacPhetres discuss what to do if you’ve already taken our advice on Negotiating Scholarships and How to Appeal a Financial Aid Award, but you still find yourself short for the anticipated first bill. Stacey conceded that it may be a little late but it’s not impossible to find some private scholarships still available. They discussed where to focus your energy this late in the game and reviewed a couple of those places you might have forgotten to look. Just don’t forget, the later it gets the less opportunity there will be – moral of the story here is run, not walk to their suggestions! Beth didn’t let Stacey leave without reviewing the ideal timeline to follow for any listeners still early in this process. Office Hours: Waitlists and Appealing a Denial In the last segment, Mary Sue Youn joined Beth for office hours to discuss your options if the news you heard back wasn’t quite what you were hoping for. They unpacked all things waitlist, from how many waitlist offers you should accept to who comes off the waitlist and why. They ended the segment by sharing some behind the scenes insight into the rare circumstances that make for an effective appeal to a denial. Don’t miss the April 6th episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation to hear host Ian Fisher and his guests (including me!) talk more about how to make your final decision with regards to finances, campus culture, and more. As always, check out our archives and submit your questions. Getting-In-CTA


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