If you’re a high school senior or the parent of a senior, fall is prime time for college applications! You probably have a running list of colleges and perhaps even a spreadsheet that’s tracking your research and keeping tabs on the colleges you like. At some point soon, though, you’ll need to stop adding new colleges and start removing the ones you won’t be applying to. So how do you make sure you keep finances in mind when you do that narrowing? Follow these three tips from Sabrina Manville and Nick Ducoff of Edmit:

  1. Do your financial research.
  2. Make sure you have “financial reaches” and “financial safeties.”
  3. Position yourself for financial aid appeals.

For more on Sabrina’s and Nick’s tips, find an excerpt from their upcoming book on the College Coach Insider blog at blog.getintocollege.com.

Written by College Coach
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