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For those recruited athletes working out hard this summer or attending summer training camps or programs, don’t forget there are still things to do over the summer to help ease your college application process. So, what is it that should you be doing this summer to ensure the athletic recruiting process goes smoothly and has a positive result?  The following is a check list to make sure it goes as planned:

  • PERFORMANCE: Make sure the coach has your most up-to-date athletic resume, including current times, achievements, and (for some) a highlight video.
  • ACADEMICS: Share your most recent transcript and test scores with coaches (showing 9-11th courses, level of courses, and final grades), as well as a list of courses you plan to take in 12th Also, share your spring ACT or SAT scores once the results come in.
  • VISIT: Go back and visit the colleges and athletic facilities (as well as the coaching staff) if you are deciding between two or more places. Remember that you have only five official visits or athletic recruiting trips (if colleges offer them) in the fall. Find out the level of interest from the coaches over the summer to help you make your final choice, which will ultimately help the coach push for you early in the process. But remember to choose a school that is a strong fit overall (athletics, academics, and financial) as athletics can disappear at any point.
  • EARLY OPTION: If you are solid with your choice and the coach is showing a strong level of interest, consider applying to the college under their early plan (Early Decision or Early Action), or inquiring about getting an Early Read (early review of transcript, scores, and the application by admissions) which could lead to a “likely letter” or National Letter of Intent (DI or DII college) from the coach.
  • ELIGIBILITY CENTER: Contact your high school’s guidance counselor with an email requesting he or she send your official 9-11th transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center. The student must register with and send most recent and/or highest SAT or ACT scores directly to the Eligibility Center (
  • CONTACT: As of July 1st coaches are permitted to initiate phone calls to recruits in most sports, but don’t wait for the coach. You can initiate contact with the coach to share information, schedule an unofficial visit, or to inquire about your standing (especially DIII colleges that have limited recruiting budgets).

Follow these steps above and you should find yourself running, swimming, jumping, or throwing at a great collegiate athletic program a little over a year from now.


Written by Amy Alexander
Amy Alexander is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Amy received her bachelor's degree from Yale University and her master's degree from Golden Gate University. Prior to joining College Coach, Amy worked as a senior admissions officer at Yale. Visit our website to learn more about Amy Alexander.