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If you’re a rising junior who’s just starting to think about how to approach the summer of test prep, look no further than last week’s episode of Getting In: A College Coach Conversation. As an admissions educator myself, I feel I have a pretty good sense of the ACT and SAT and the differences between the two exams. But I was blown away by the amount of detail provided by Sean Quinn, a tutor with ArborBridge, a College Coach partner.

Myth Busting ACT Versus SAT

Sean helped to zero in on the finer points that might help a student make a decision between the SAT and ACT, including tips for how to change horses in midstream, i.e. how to abandon one test for the other based on results of the exam. Along with host Beth Heaton, they discussed the impact of test scores on college admissions decisions, what number of test sittings was most reasonable, and how to engage in the process of choosing an exam from the beginning. Whether you’re a rising senior who is considering one last try at the ACT or SAT this fall, or a rising junior who’s trying to find firm ground in a complicated topic, this was a really useful conversation.

Answering Your College Finance Questions

In the final segment, listeners were treated to a smorgasbord of financial aid advice from finance expert Michelle Clifton. She fielded listener questions on a variety of topics, including the best time to apply for grants and tips for appealing financial aid awards. Our finance educators continue to be a source of powerful expertise for our families—they do a terrific job separating fact from fiction—and we strongly recommend tuning in to hear what they have to share with you.

Next week marks the beginning of our “School’s Out” program, an opportunity for students and parents to follow along with us as we lead you through the kinds of strategies we provide our clients as they work their way through the application. We’ll be focusing on essay brainstorming next week, and you won’t want to miss it!


Written by Ian Fisher
Ian Fisher is an experienced educational consultant, part of College Coach’s team of college admissions consultants. Ian received his master’s in policy, organization, and leadership studies from the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Prior to joining College Coach, Ian worked as a senior admissions officer at Reed College. Visit our website to learn more about Ian Fisher.